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Climate Change

Ok so weird topic. I’m sure you all have heard of the protests for students. Another one is coming up soon. On March the 15th. In Melbourne it’ll be at 12pm at the old treasury building. But that’s not what I want to talk to you guys about.

In the lead-up to the event, my friends and I will be going to school with things about climate change written on our arms and we want your support. So from Monday onwards in protest write about climate change using face paint or make up on your arms or forehead.

This is our future that we are talking about. So now since this is a website about books here is a poem.

Cleaner air
Lower sea levels
Inspire each other
Make each other stronger
And be non-violent
Try to help
Even you can archive!

Ok so that was a bad acrostic poem but yep. Have a good day!



Lol I'd get kicked from my strict school. But good on you!

16th Feb, 19

No offense (i know this is offensive) but your school must suck... I’ll probably get a detention or two but that’ll probably be good for me

16th Feb, 19

In reply to dolphinkick

None taken. It's just that I'm here on a scholarship and I've already been taken to the office and I've only been here a week

17th Feb, 19

Congrats on getting a scholarship but may I ask what you did to get into the office?

17th Feb, 19

Mistaken identity

28th Feb, 19